DeWayne Thornton

DeWayne started operations at Tombigbee Tooling in 1988 and has filled roles as a Toolmaker, Designer, Sales Representative, Estimator, and Manager. His vision and leadership has kept the company focused on continuous improvement in all areas required to produce a product our customers can depend on, and our team can proudly place its name on.

Debbie Thornton

Deb, as co-owner of Tombigbee Tooling, has been a full time employee for 15 years.  During that time she has managed accounts payable, financials, and employee benefits.  In addition, she operates and maintains E2 Systems, our job tracking and management software.  Deb has an extensive background in computer software and banking.

Melissa Houston

Office Administration
When you first contact our company, Melissa is the greeting voice or smiling face.  As a veteran of 6 years at Tombigbee Tooling, she handles all of the tasks in our front office.  Melissa has made her pedigree by taking extra responsibility and gaining knowledge to always ensure she is the best at what she does.  Whether a customer or an employee, she is sure to make everyone feel welcome while reliably handling any task.

Dennis Wade

Production Supervisor
Dennis has been an integral part of this company for 29 years.   He is extensively trained, beginning in Vocational Technology Metal Trades for two years, followed by two years in the Tool & Die program at Northeast Community College, before completing our Apprenticeship program at Tombigbee Tooling.  Dennis furthered his education with drafting courses, and yet again with AutoCAD and Solidworks. With years of background experience as a successful Tool Maker and design engineer, Dennis is now our shop supervisor.  He oversees and manages the day-to-day operations in the production process.

Don Cole

Price Estimation and Design
Don has been with our company for 31 years, and has accumulated 33 years of valuable experience within the Machine Tool Industry. Don has worked in every phase of our industry; starting out serving his Apprenticeship in this organization, he worked his way up to engineering and design, and now specializes in price estimation. Before entering the workforce, Don earned an Associate’s Degree in Machine Tool Technology from Northeast Mississippi Community College. Don also has years of design experience and is skilled with AutoCAD.

Larry Wright

Project Management
Larry has been a vital part of Tombigbee Tooling for 5 years. Throughout his career he has accumulated 37 years of valuable experience within the Tooling and Stamping industry. Larry was well trained within the industry, holds patents in his name and has been involved with several others. In addition to his workforce experience, he is trained and skilled with Microsoft Office products as well as AutoCAD. These skills make him the perfect ambassador for helping customers. After discerning their technical needs and desires, he then facilitates directions to accomplish their goals in a timely manner.

Clay Pearson

Design Engineer
Clay has been a part of Tombigbee Tooling for 16 years. He joined our staff immediately after earning his Associates of Applied Sciences from Itawamba Community College. Upon entering the workforce he served his Apprenticeship here at Tombigbee Tooling, before working his way up to Engineering and Design. Clay is trained and utilizes AutoCAD and VISI design software, as well as OpenDMIS CMM software, on a daily basis.

Jeff Watkins

Design Engineer
Jeff has been working within the Tool and Die Industry for 30 years, 21 of which he has spent with us at Tombigbee Tooling.  As a designer, Jeff strives to create a product that delivers long life, with the least effort to maintain, and is as simple to set up and operate as possible. In addition, he works with customers to identify and suggest changes to part design before the build process begins, creating the best possible condition for the tool. Jeff has an Associate’s Degree in Tool and Die from Itawamba Community College and completed his Tool and Die Apprenticeship here at Tombigbee Tooling. Over the course of his career, he has been trained to operate AutoCAD and VISI design software, both of which he utilizes daily.

Payne Thornton

Industrial Engineer
Payne specializes in Engineering and, in his first year as a full time employee, is the newest addition to our team.  He has a Bachelor of Science from Mississippi State University, where he studied Industrial and Systems Engineering.  Payne is trained in VISI, AutoCAD, and Solidworks design software.  In addition, he is trained and well versed in FlexSim simulation software, ESPRIT EDM software, OpenDMIS CMM software, C++ and VBA coding.  Alongside his work in engineering, quality control, and safety, Payne is currently participating in our Tool and Die Apprenticeship Program to gain more knowledge of the field.